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Giới thiệu Giá Đỡ Điện Thoại Hình Nhện Đa Năng Linh Hoạt

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Spider phone holder

A unique phone holder is a spider-like legged one that can place your phone anywhere and in any form.

It is easy to apply, formed and made from very flexible materials. Suitable for those of you who want a flexible and efficient summary holder everywhere.

All the goods were checked before they were sent, because the buyer 's satisfaction was our priority
Please atc additional bubblewrap for your package security, damage due to shipment beyond our responsibility.
All the stuff we sell is ready, if it 's empty, we' ll have it ready soon.
Write down the colors / motives you want in the order memo, not the chat, because when you 're packing things, we don' t open the chat. Write down alternative colors / motifs to speed up the delivery process, if the requested colors / motives are empty, then we 'll send random as we' re prepared at the time.
For dropshipper, just write down the name and no phone dropshipper in the order memo.
Thx, happy shopping
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