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Giới thiệu Nhẫn Đỡ Điện Thoại Xoay 360 Độ Hình Mèo Dễ Thương

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(Brightlight) Cat Holder Animal 360° Ring Stand Finger Bracket For Smart Phone Mobile Phone


-Material: Metal

-Stylish Diamond embedded Ring stand. Compact design, easy to carry anywhere.

-The ring can be revolved in either horizontal direction 360° or vertical direction 180°.

-Convenient for typing message, playing games or watching movies.

-It can convenient take photos or use all the functions of Slide Mobile and tablet PC with one hand.

-It can be used many times, just put the paste surface to the water, then clean and dry it, thus adhesion force can recover.


-Clean dirt and dust of smart phone/tablet at the part to be pasted;

-Remove the protective film of the ring, and past it up to smart phone/tablet;

-Press softly by hand to ensure stickiness;

-When need to remove the ring, please shell off from edge firstly, then uncover completely. Reusable, Non-remaining trace, a New Powerful Washable Adhesive

Universal for iPhone, Samsung, iPad, PC, Tablet, E-readers etc.

Color: Black, Gold, Rose , Silver

Package Included:

1PC * Finger Holder
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